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Throughout the year 2012, numerous singers and actresses exploded on the stage of celebrity fame, lifted up by their increasingly bold and colorful song lyrics, roles, fashions, and most remarkably—wigs! Inspired by their boldness, many of you have asked, “Where can I get costume wigs like the ones Katy Perry wears in her music videos?” or “How can I get my hair to look as gorgeous as Beyonce's?”

So, we’ve compiled a list of the wildest and sexiest wigs worn by this year’s grand-slam divas, and we’ve found exactly where you can buy costume wigs to look just like your favorite celebrities! Check it out!

Ever ablaze with bright, colorful wigs and clothing ensembles, Katy Perry continues to charm us with her blinding beauty and flirtatious, bubbly song lyrics.

Jon Renau’s Blue Bombshell

Check out Jon Renau’s Blue Bombshell
for a trademark, boisterous, Katy Perry blue wig

Pizazz by Revlon

If you’re trying to pull off Katy Perry’s tempting, dreamy look of lustrously light-violet hair, we’ve got PIZAZZ by Revlon to give you exactly the same style.

BLISS by Estetica Designs

Finally, we’re offering a short, bob wig called BLISS by Estetica Designs, especially for our ‘California Gurls’ who are shooting for Katy Perry’s sexy, short, china-doll bob!

Rihanna carries a certain irresistibility about her, one which we have come to discern as having a great deal to do with those sexy, subtly enigmatic hair pieces! Most often preferring red or black, this R&B sensation has captivated the world with her smooth hairstyles, impeccable fashion taste, and a voice that slips like butter into our senses and souls.

The Angle Cut

For Rihanna’s wigs worn in her darker, more sinister, black-leather ensembles, go with the ANGLE CUT WIG from our costume wigs selection.

CHINA DOLL II by Jon Renau's Illusions

At many of her concerts, Rihanna’s also donned a chic and bubbly short, bob wig—check out CHINA DOLL II by Jon Renau's Illusions for the same style!

ANGEL by Estetica Designs

In true, girl-next-door form, Rihanna pulls off a whimsical, feminine look with her wavy, fiery red wig styles. For the glamorous red hair piece worn in the music video for “Only Girl in the World”, check out ANGEL by Estetica Designs!

For big, bold, and loony fashion statements, we look to Lady Gaga and her vanguard, monstrously flamboyant wigs and hair pieces. Recently, Gaga showcased one short, vintage-style hair piece that was tamer than expected from our colossally famous glam-rocker!


Check out Gaga’s curly, Marilyn Monroe style wig in our costume wig inventory here!

To pull off the colorful and wild fashions of Nicki Minaj’s wigs and hair pieces, it takes a special kind of person; one that can step up to the sheer level of glittering creative energy that has vaulted Minaj to tip-top celebrity status. After following Nicki Minaj for some time, we learned two things:
1. The girl likes PINK!
2. There is no wig too crazy or too bizarre for Nicki Minaj!

Jon Renau’s PARTY GIRL

For Minaj’s famously multi-colored, long, straight, blunt-cut wig, we’ve got Jon Renau’s PARTY GIRL (CANDY STRIPE) — an exact replica of the hair piece worn by Minaj herself.

Jon Renau’s BETTINA

We’ve also got short and medium length pink bob wigs — such as Jon Renau’s CHINA DOLL and Jon Renau’s BETTINA — to match Nicki Minaj’s standard pink “Super-Bass” ensemble.

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