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Raquel Welch

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  • R4
    R4 Midnight Brown (Black Brown)
  • R6
    R6 Dark Chocolate (Rich, dark brown)
  • R6/30H
    R6/30H Chocolate Copper (Dark Brown with soft coppery highlights)
  • R10
    R10 Chestnut (Rich Dark Brown with Coffee Brown highlights)
  • R12/26H
    R12/26H Honey Pecan (Light Brown with subtle cool highlights)
  • R1416T
    R1416T Buttered Toast
  • R14/25
    R14/25 Honey Ginger (Dark Golden Blonde with Light Gold highlights)
  • R14/88H
    R14/88H Golden Wheat (Medium Blonde streaked with Pale Gold highlights)
  • R25
    R25 Ginger Blonde (Golden Blonde with subtle highlights)
  • R3025S+
    R3025S+ Glazed Cinnamon (Medium Reddish Brown with Ginger highlights on top)
  • R830
    R830 Ginger Brown (Warm Medium Brown)
  • R1621S
    R1621S Glazed Sand (Honey Blonde with ash highlights on top)
  • R29S
    R29S Glazed Strawberry (Strawberry Blonde with Pale Blonde highlights)
  • R8
    R8 Dark Cinnamon (Rich Medium Brown)
  • R8/25
    R8/25 Golden Walnut (Rich Dark Brown with Gold highlights)
  • R16
    R16 Honey Blonde (Neutral Pale Blonde)
  • R21T
    R21T Sandy Blonde (Cool, Pale Blonde with Ash Blonde tips)
  • R22
    R22 Swedish Blonde (Pale Baby Blonde)

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Product details

Raquel Welch's UPDO CURLS MAGIC COMB is a gorgeous hair-raiser comb, with a burst of delicate curls on two patent-pending Magic Combs. UPDO CURLS MAGIC COMB hair add-on attaches quickly and securely, easily concealing itself, regardless of length or fineness. This makes for an especially natural-looking hair piece for women with closely cropped or thin hair.

Raquel Welch hair pieces are available in numerous color options so you can enjoy that color variation of UPDO CURLS MAGIC COMB which you decide is best for your unique look.

Hair Lengths: Top: 5 1/2", Nape: 5 1/2".

Product options

  • Curl: Curly
  • Fiber: Synthetic Hair
  • Product Type: Hair Add-On
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