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CELINE by New Image (Diva Collection)

New Image

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  • L1
    L1 Black
  • L1B
    L1B Off Black
  • L2
    L2 Darkest Brown
  • L4
    L4 Dark Brown
  • L6
    L6 Medium Chestnut Brown
  • L8
    L8 Light Chestnut Brown
  • L10
    L10 Golden Brown
  • L10/16
    L10/16 Blend of Golden Brown and Honey Blonde
  • L12
    L12 Light Golden Brown
  • L12/20
    L12/20 Blend of Light Golden Brown and Beige Blonde
  • L14
    L14 Dark Blonde
  • L14/24
    L14/24 Blend of Dark Blonde and Light Gold Blonde
  • L16
    L16 Honey Blonde
  • L18
    L18 Ash Blonde
  • L18-22
    L18-22 Blend of Ash Blonde and Light Beige Blonde
  • L22
    L22 Light Beige Blonde
  • L25
    L25 Gold Blonde
  • L27
    L27 Strawberry Blonde
  • L30
    L30 Medium Auburn
  • L33
    L33 Dark Auburn
  • L613
    L613 Pale Gold Blonde

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Product details

Mid-length woman's hairpiece made with human hair. Features a fine monofilament base with 1-inch poly coating in front, 1 1/2-inch poly-coated edge blending to 3" in back, stitched cutaway lines, 1-inch poly-coated cutaway frontal hairline. Base Size: 7" x 9" (can be cut for custom sizing). Hair Length: 14" Wave Pattern: Slight Wave, Density: Medium. *Note: This piece comes uncut and unstyled, as it is designed to be customized to suit your preferences. Have your stylist make any changes you desire. The images show the types of styles you can create with the pieces.

Product options

  • Length: Mid-Length
  • Construction: Bio
  • Curl: Straight/Wavy
  • Fiber: Human Hair
  • Size: 7 X 9
  • Product Type: Wiglet
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