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Wilshire Wigs



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  • R2/Dark Purple
    R2/Dark Purple Ebony with Dark Purple tips
  • R2/Denim Blue
    R2/Denim Blue Ebony with Denim Blue tips
  • R2/Red Wine
    R2/Red Wine Ebony with Red Wine tips
  • R4/Dark Purple
    R4/Dark Purple Midnight Brown with Dark Purple tips
  • R4/Denim Blue
    R4/Denim Blue Midnight Brown with Denim Blue tips
  • R4/Red Wine
    R4/Red Wine Midnight Brown with Red Wine tips
  • R6/30H/Dark Purple
    R6/30H/Dark Purple Chocolate Copper with Dark Purple tips
  • R6/30H/Denim Blue
    R6/30H/Denim Blue Chocolate Copper with Denim Blue tips
  • R6/30H/Red Wine
    R6/30H/Red Wine Chocolate Copper with Red Wine tips
  • R10/Dark Purple
    R10/Dark Purple Chestnut with Dark Purple tips
  • R10/Denim Blue
    R10/Denim Blue Chestnut with Denim Blue tips
  • R10/Red Wine
    R10/Red Wine Chestnut with Red Wine tips
  • R14/88H/Dark Purple
    R14/88H/Dark Purple Golden Wheat with Dark Purple tips
  • R14/88H/Denim Blue
    R14/88H/Denim Blue Golden Wheat with Denim Blue tips
  • R14/88H/Red Wine
    R14/88H/Red Wine Golden Wheat with Red Wine tips
  • R1416T/Dark Purple
    R1416T/Dark Purple Buttered Toast with Dark Purple tips
  • R1416T/Denim Blue
    R1416T/Denim Blue Buttered Toast with Denim Blue tips
  • R1416T/Red Wine
    R1416T/Red Wine Buttered Toast with Red Wine tips
  • R25/Dark Purple
    R25/Dark Purple Ginger Blonde with Dark Purple tips
  • R25/Denim Blue
    R25/Denim Blue Ginger Blonde with Denim Blue tips
  • R25/Red Wine
    R25/Red Wine Ginger Blonde with Red Wine tips

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Product details

Put some spunk in your wrap with Hairdo's Color Splash Wraps! Choose from your natural hair tone bursting with highlighted and dip-dyed ends. Just wrap and go for an instant fab look that is right on trend

Hairdo's special Tru2Life heat-friendly synthetic hair can be flat-ironed, curled or blown dry using thermal styling tools up to 350F (180C). Each hand-blended color is made up of 7-11 different shades, resulting in a natural look that blends with just about anyone's hair color.

Hair Lengths: 5 1/2" - 7".

Product options

  • Curl: Straight/Wavy
  • Fiber: Synthetic Hair
  • Product Type: Hair Wrap
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