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  • R56/60/Lavender
    R56/60/Lavender Silver Gray with Lavender Highlight
  • R29S/Light Green
    R29S/Light Green Glazed Strawberry with Light Green Highlight
  • R28S/Lavender
    R28S/Lavender Glazed Fire with Lavender Highlight
  • R25/Pink
    R25/Pink Ginger Blonde with Pink Highlight
  • R25/Light Green
    R25/Light Green Ginger Blonde with Light Green Highlight
  • R25/Lavender
    R25/Lavender Ginger Blonde with Lavender Highlight
  • R25/BLUE
    R25/BLUE Ginger Blonde with Blue Highlight
  • R22/PINK
    R22/PINK Swedish Blonde with Pink Highlight
  • R22/BLUE
    R22/BLUE Swedish Blonde with Blue Highlight
  • R14/88/Pink
    R14/88/Pink Golden Wheat with Pink Highlight
  • R14/88/Light Green
    R14/88/Light Green Golden Wheat with Light Green Highlight
  • R14/88/Lavender
    R14/88/Lavender Golden Wheat with Lavender Highlight
  • R14/88/Blue
    R14/88/Blue Golden Wheat with Blue Highlight
  • R14/25/Light Green
    R14/25/Light Green Honey Ginger with Light Green Highlight
  • R14/25/Lavender
    R14/25/Lavender Honey Ginger with Lavender Highlight
  • R1416T/Pink
    R1416T/Pink Buttered Toast with Pink Highlight
  • R1416T/Light Green
    R1416T/Light Green Buttered Toast with Light Green Highlight
  • R1416T/Lavender
    R1416T/Lavender Buttered Toast with Lavender Highlight
  • R1416T/Blue
    R1416T/Blue Buttered Toast with Blue Highlight
  • R10/Pink
    R10/Pink Chestnut with Pink Highlight
  • R10/Light Green
    R10/Light Green Chestnut with Light Green Highlight
  • R10/Lavender
    R10/Lavender Chestnut with Lavender Highlight
  • R10/BLUE
    R10/BLUE Chestnut with Blue Highlight
  • R830/Lavender
    R830/Lavender Ginger Brown with Lavender Highlight
  • R6/30H/Pink
    R6/30H/Pink Chocolate Copper with Pink Highlight
  • R6/30H/Light Green
    R6/30H/Light Green Chocolate Copper with Light Green Highlight
  • R6/30H/Blue
    R6/30H/Blue Chocolate Copper with Blue Highlight
  • R4/PINK
    R4/PINK Midnight Brown with Pink Highlight
  • R4/Lavender
    R4/Lavender Midnight Brown with Lavender Highlight
  • R4/Light Green
    R4/Light Green Midnight Brown with Light Green Highlight
  • R4/Blue
    R4/Blue Midnight Brown with Blue Highlight
  • R2/Dark Purple
    R2/Dark Purple Ebony with Dark Purple tips
  • R2/Denim Blue
    R2/Denim Blue Ebony with Denim Blue tips
  • R2/Red Wine
    R2/Red Wine Ebony with Red Wine tips
  • R4/Dark Purple
    R4/Dark Purple Midnight Brown with Dark Purple tips
  • R4/Denim Blue
    R4/Denim Blue Midnight Brown with Denim Blue tips
  • R4/Red Wine
    R4/Red Wine Midnight Brown with Red Wine tips
  • R6/30H/Dark Purple
    R6/30H/Dark Purple Chocolate Copper with Dark Purple tips
  • R6/30H/Denim Blue
    R6/30H/Denim Blue Chocolate Copper with Denim Blue tips
  • R6/30H/Red Wine
    R6/30H/Red Wine Chocolate Copper with Red Wine tips
  • R10/Dark Purple
    R10/Dark Purple Chestnut with Dark Purple tips
  • R10/Denim Blue
    R10/Denim Blue Chestnut with Denim Blue tips
  • R10/Red Wine
    R10/Red Wine Chestnut with Red Wine tips
  • R14/88H/Dark Purple
    R14/88H/Dark Purple Golden Wheat with Dark Purple tips
  • R14/88H/Denim Blue
    R14/88H/Denim Blue Golden Wheat with Denim Blue tips
  • R14/88H/Red Wine
    R14/88H/Red Wine Golden Wheat with Red Wine tips
  • R1416T/Dark Purple
    R1416T/Dark Purple Buttered Toast with Dark Purple tips
  • R1416T/Denim Blue
    R1416T/Denim Blue Buttered Toast with Denim Blue tips
  • R1416T/Red Wine
    R1416T/Red Wine Buttered Toast with Red Wine tips
  • R25/Dark Purple
    R25/Dark Purple Ginger Blonde with Dark Purple tips
  • R25/Denim Blue
    R25/Denim Blue Ginger Blonde with Denim Blue tips
  • R25/Red Wine
    R25/Red Wine Ginger Blonde with Red Wine tips

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Product details

Get the "social media star" look in an instant with the 23" COLOR SPLASH PONY by Hairdo. Choose from your natural hair tone bursting with highlighted and dip-dyed ends: Pastels (Blue, Pink, Light Green, or Lavender) or deeper tones (Dark Purple, Denim Blue, or Red Wine). This long and wavy pony includes a smooth strip of hair that wraps around the holder and fastens with a hook-and-loop strip to conceal where the ponytail meets your own hair.

Made with Tru2Life heat-friendly synthetic hair that can be flat-ironed, curled or blown out. (See packaging insert for complete directions.)

Hair Length: 23".

Product options

  • Curl: Wavy
  • Fiber: Synthetic Hair
  • Product Type: Ponytail
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