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KRISTEN by Jon Renau

Jon Renau

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  • 1
    1 Black
  • 1B
    1B Hot Fudge (Black [level 1.5])
  • 1BRH30
    1BRH30 Black [1B] with 33% Medium Brown Red [30] highlights
  • 4
    4 Brownie Finale (Medium Dark Brown [level 2])
  • 4/27/30
    4/27/30 Medium Dark Brown [4] mixed with Strawberry Blonde [27] and Medium Brown Red [30]
  • 6
    6 Fudgesicle (Medium Chestnut Brown [level 3])
  • 6/33
    6/33 Raspberry Twist (Medium Chestnut Brown [6] blended with Auburn [33])
  • 6F27
    6F27 Caramel Ribbon (Medium Chestnut Brown [6] streaked with Strawberry Blonde [27])
  • 8/32
    8/32 Cocoa Bean (Light Chestnut Brown [8] blended with Light Auburn [32])
  • 8RH14
    8RH14 Hot Cocoa (Light Chestnut Brown [8] with 33% Light Golden Brown [14] highlights)
  • 10RH16
    10RH16 Almondine (Medium Golden Brown [10] with 33% Ash Blonde [16] highlights)
  • 12/30BT
    12/30BT Root Beer Float (Light Golden Brown [12] blended and tipped with Medium Brown Red [30])
  • 14/26
    14/26 Light Golden Brown [14] mixed with Gold Blonde [26]
  • 24B22
    24B22 Creme Brulee (Amber Blonde [24B] blended with Beige Blonde [22])
  • 24BT18
    24BT18 Eclair (Light Ash Brown [18] blended with Amber Blonde [24B] with Amber Blonde [24B] tips)
  • 27T613F
    27T613F Toasted Marshmallow (Strawberry Blonde [27] blended with Canary Blonde [613] with Canary Blonde [613] tips)
  • 27MB
    27MB Strawberry Shortcake (Strawberry Blonde blended with red tones)
  • 32F
    32F Cherry Creme (Strawberry Blonde blended with red tones [27MB] at the crown with Light Auburn [32] at the nape)
  • FS26/31
    FS26/31 Caramel Syrup (Light Auburn [31] with chunky streaks of Wheat Blonde [26])
  • FS27
    FS27 Strawberry Syrup (Medium Brown Red [30] with chunky blended streaks of Strawberry Blonde [27] and Amber Blonde [24B])
  • FS613/24B
    FS613/24B Honey Syrup (Amber Blonde [24B] with chunky streaks of Canary Blonde [613])
  • 12FS8
    12FS8 Shaded Praline (Light Golden Brown [12], Amber Blonde [24B], and Very Blonde (104) blended and shaded with Light Chestnut Brown [8] at the roots)
  • 4/33
    4/33 Chocolate Raspberry Truffle (Medium Dark Brown [4] blended with Auburn [33])
  • 10/26TT
    10/26TT Gold Blonde [26] at the top with Medium Golden Brown [10] at the nape
  • 14/26S10
  • 22F16
    22F16 Pina Colada (Beige Blonde [22] at the crown with Ash Blonde [16] at the nape)
  • 24BT18S8
    24BT18S8 Shaded Mocha (Light Ash Brown/Amber Blonde blend [24BT18] with Light Chestnut Brown [8] roots)
  • 27T613S8
    27T613S8 Shaded Sun (Strawberry Blonde [27]/Canary Blonde [613] blend with Light Chestnut Brown [8] roots)
  • 30A27S4
    30A27S4 Shaded Peach (Medium Red [30A] and Strawberry Blonde [27] blended and shaded with Medium Dark Brown [4])
  • 56F51
    56F51 Oyster (White/Grey with 10% Chestnut Brown [56] at the crown and Steel Grey with 30% Medium Brown [51] at the nape)
  • 38
    38 Milkshake (Medium Brown with 35% Dove Grey)
  • 101F48T
    101F48T Martini (Creamy White Blonde [101] at the crown with color 48T at the nape)
  • 60
    60 Winter Sun (Pure White)
  • Chocolate Cherry
    Chocolate Cherry FS2V/31V
  • Salted Caramel
    Salted Caramel FS26/31S6
  • Midnight Cocoa
    Midnight Cocoa FS4/33/30A
  • Toffee Truffle
    Toffee Truffle
  • Malibu Blonde
    Malibu Blonde Light Gold Brown, Light Natural Gold Blonde, and Pale Natural Gold Blonde Blend, shaded with Light Gold Brown at the roots
  • Laguna Blonde
    Laguna Blonde Light Gold Brown with Pale Natural Gold Blonde blend, shaded with Medium Brown at the roots
  • Venice Blonde
    Venice Blonde Light Ash Blonde & Light Natural Blonde Blend, shaded with Medium Brown at the roots.
  • Palm Springs Blonde
    Palm Springs Blonde Light Ash Blonde with Pure White Natural Violet, shaded with Dark Natural Ash Blonde at the roots

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Product details

This chic, face-framing bob wig scores high in style and comfort. The open cap keeps you cool while the SmartLace front mimics natural growth at the hairline. NO TAPE OR ADHESIVE NECESSARY! Hair Lengths: Bangs: 7 1/2", Crown: 10 1/2", Sides: 7", Nape: 3 1/2". Colors Shown: Chocolate Cherry (1st image), 12FS8 (images 2-5), and 4/27/30 (images 6-7).

Product options

  • Length: Mid-Length
  • Construction: Capless
  • Curl: Straight
  • Fiber: Synthetic Hair
  • Lace Front: Yes
  • Size: Average
  • Product Type: Wig
  • Style Code: 5385
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KRISTEN by Jon Renau

by Jon Renau

6 Reviews

hair so soft Review by Lynn
I have two of these wigs, and am still wearing the first one after a year, and it is still soft. The hair on this wig holds up really well. I cut bangs, and they always turn out great even though the wig is lace front. Ordered in 12FS8, beautiful color! 9/8/2016
2nd review Review by Carole
Still loving Kristen. Just wish & want to ask Jon Renau to make it into a mono top! Would be more than perfect. I have Rosie which is a little longer but looks so much more natural with the mono top than Kristen. Although not so noticeable to other people, I don't like the permatease on the top of Kristen. It makes little short hairs that stick up. Mono is so much more smooth. Don't understand why they don't make Kristen into a monotop. I and many others would pay the extra price for it! I get compliments virtually every day on my 12FS8 Kristen. They want to know what color I use and where I get my hair done. They cannot believe it's a wig. I have also noticed that I love my Kristen (I have 4 of them) after wearing and washing for a few months. It is not as shiny and looks fuller and more natural the longer I have it. Even if the hair splits just a little bit, looks more like natural hair than the brand new ones. They're a bit too shiny & come off looking unnatural in some photographs. I will stick with Kristen, I just hope Jon Renau is listening about the mono top idea! 2/3/2016
I adore this wig Review by KristenRocks
This will be my 4th purchase of this wig in the 12FS8 shaded praline color. I have FINALLY found THE WIG for me after trying so many different wigs. I love the sleekness, straightness, and bounciness of this wig. I constantly get compliments about it. The color is fantastic. It's a bit darker than the picture shown, it's more like a "dirty blonde." But I love it. At 25% off & free shipping, it's not much more than $100, a bargain! It washes beautifully and keeps its shine. If I had any negative comments they would be 1) I wish the lacefront hairs looked a little more "scattered." I find myself pulling just a little bit of hair over it to cover the very front. The 2nd thing is it can be a bit too shiny in some lighting, and 3) there are little hairs that blow & tickle my face. But these are not things to keep me from ordering this wig. I want MANY extras for back-ups. PLEASE do not ever discontinue this wig! 9/2/2015
Beautiful and Realistic Review by Carole
After many returns and exchanges, Kristen is IT for me. 12FS8 is the perfect blonde. Not too blonde, but like a pretty dirty blonde with tons of different colors and highlights. I have had many lacefront wigs & this one is the most realistic I have ever seen. No cutting required. Other lace wigs I've had, I had to cut and then felt uncomfortable wearing the hair off my forehead because the lacefront was so badly made. Not this one! LOVE IT. I am 62 and this style and this particular color is PERFECT for me. Thank you Jon Renau for a perfect wig! Please don't even discontinue this one!!! 7/10/2015
love the style Review by Mardy
love how the lace front makes it feel like real hair.. I usually get the Lizzy but wanted a change and a change I got.... 6/6/2015
Very pleased Review by Roisin
I'm so happy with this wig, it exceeds my expectations! Great price, synthetic fiber has a nice feel, color is flattering and best of all the hairline is so subtle...this is my first lace front and now I am going to throw my other wigs away! I would buy more Jon Renau wigs.. 10/9/2014
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